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Dyne WiFi POS for restaurants

Enable a super efficient wireless ordering process for your fine dine restaurant, garden restaurant, cafe or food court. Dyne Wifi POS empowers your floor staff with powerful but easy to use technology in their palms. Staff can be more attentive to the guest needs rather than expend energy running back and forth to the kitchen with KOTs.

See Dyne in action

Dyne wireless ordering solution is perfect for roof top restaurants, garden restaurants, beach front resorts and any type of open air restaurant or food court where placement of traditional POS hardware is not possible.

Dyne Wifi is an extension to the industry leading Dyne:CC POS

Dyne gives your business a bigger byte!

Dyne:WiFi POS Highlights

  • Easily enable wireless order taking at your outlet
  • Empowers staff to place orders directly on hand-held touch based tablet devices
  • Orders instantly register with kitchens and cashier
  • All ordering options available in hand with item customisation / toppings / modifiers available
  • Real-time table status with floor plan layout in your palm!
  • Integrated Menu Information System allows staff to upsell items by showing attractive menu images and descriptions to the guests
  • Eliminate staff movement back and forth to the kitchen
  • Staff can view order history for any table
  • Dyne Wifi POS works with a variety of devices
  • Turnkey installation available
Dyne gives your business a bigger byte!

Dyne WiFi POS Benefits

  • Reduce ordering cycle, increase table turnover
  • Increase upselling oportunities by using the integrated Menu Information System
  • Allows you to right size order-taking staff requirements
  • Geared to work with peak rush hour loads

Dyne gives your business a bigger byte!
Dyne gives your business a bigger byte!