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Lounge Pub Night Club Resto-bar Software by Dyne

Lounges and pubs are the coolest places to hang out. But managing a successful pub can be more than stressful if you dont have the right tools.

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An operating environment where crowd movement is fluid, the lights dim and music loud is just ripe and asking for cash mis-management. In such siutations how do you track bar transactions accurately? And what about liquor stocks; again very difficult to track accurately.

Dyne software for pubs and lounges addresses these issues and provides field proven solutions for simplified cash management and accurate liquor inventories. Read on to find out how...

Dyne gives your business a bigger byte!

Dyne Software Representative Client List for lounges, pubs, resto-bars and night clubs

How Dyne software modules can help lounges, pubs, resto-bars and night clubs

Lounges, pubs, resto-bars and night clubs can use the Dyne software modules below to streamline their operation. Be sure to contact us for a detailed demo to know all the details!

Dyne:CC POS for lounge, pub, night club, resto-bars

Dyne:CC - Cashier Counter (POS) with Prepaid Debit Card addon

  • Fast touch based POS software for bar counters
  • Rapid minimum clicks order entry and bill generation
  • Dyne POS allows bartender to keep open tabs and identify guests by name
  • Addition of Debit Card module can enable totally cashless POS transactions
  • Make bar operations super efficient and secure
  • View customers order history and execute repeat orders
  • Dyne POS can be integrated with other tools to produce Excise Department statutory reports

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Dyne:CR Client Relationship Management for lounge, pub, night club, resto-bars

Dyne:CR - Client Relationship (CRM)

  • Notify clients of upcoming events / shows / DJ nights playing in your club
  • Run membership / loyalty programs

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Dyne:SM Material Management software for lounge, pub, night club, resto-bars

Dyne:SM - Store Management (MMS)

  • Maintain liquor inventories across multiple bar counters
  • Deduct liquor inventory against sale in real time
  • Maintain food and non-food inventory

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