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Fine dining restaurant software by Dyne

A luxury fine dine restaurant simply must be able to pamper the senses of its clientele by providing a memorable culinary experience, immersive ambience and superlative personalised service. In short, it's all about customer delight.

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Since the customer expectations at a fine dine restaurant are much higher than at other F&B establishments, restaurant managers need all the help they can get to achieve their goals. Fine dine kitchens work with rather expensive raw material and tracking inventory and food costs is vital to ensuring that profits don't get eroded.

Dyne software has the right power tools to assist fine dine outlets in providing clients a personalised dining experience. Dyne has the technology to enhance the process right from accepting a reservation, identifying guests for the floor staff, tracking guest order history and preferences, ensuring accurate order taking, scheduling and timely order delivery, printing a detailed invoice, multiple flexible, payment settlement options and analysing customer feedback.

Dyne material management software makes it easy and practical to track food, liquor and non food inventory and determine cost per item.

Dyne gives your business a bigger byte!

How Dyne software modules can help fine dine restaurants

Fine dine restaurants can use the Dyne modules below to streamline their operation. Be sure to contact us for a detailed demo to know all the details!

Dyne:CC POS for fine dine restaurants

Dyne:CC - Cashier Counter (POS) with wireless ordering

  • Associate occupied tables with guest names and preference to enable persoanlised service
  • Real floor plan layout on screen shows stewarts complete table status
  • Accept orders for entire meal and schedule KOTs to the kitchen by course
  • Use Dyne Wifi POS to accept orders and let floor staff be more available to the guest
  • Keep guests informed about menu items via the integrated Menu Information System
  • Separate bill series / tax management for tobacco and other non-food sale
  • Ultra flexible bill discounting and settlement options. Multiple mode of settlements per bill.
  • Easily view customers previous orders and execute repeat orders
  • Itemised discounting facility to enable upselling of new menu additions

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Dyne:CR Client Relationship Management for fine dine restaurants

Dyne:CR - Client Relationship (CRM)

  • Capture customer photo and contact details
  • Identify regular guest and track their culinary preferences
  • Track customer order history
  • Record and analyse customer feedback forms
  • Send greeting cards, emails and sms to clients on their special days
  • Notify clients of upcoming festivals specials / promotions
  • Run membership / loyalty programs

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Dyne:SM Material Management software for fine dine restaurants

Dyne:SM - Store Management (MMS)

  • Maintain inventories for food and non-food items
  • Deduct inventory against sale in real time
  • Manage Central Kitchen and Central Store
  • Determine food cost for each menu item in real time
  • Know your cost of production
  • Know suppliers outstandings in a flash

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Other useful Dyne modules

Dyne:RC - Reservation management software ensures that tables are allocated in good time.

Dyne Kitchen Display System - Lets chefs look at orders onscreen and actively track delivery timelines.