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Pizza chain Software / Home Delivery Food Business Management Software by Dyne

Dyne helps home delivery service operators to execute every delivery order to the satisfaction of the customer, ensuring maximum repeat orders.

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Dyne software ensures that the order is taken quickly and accurately with complete customer details, the integrated order tracking system ensures that orders are never mixed up and payments are received.

Dyne is designed for high volume order-taking and can scale to take hundreds of orders per hour.

Dyne gives your business a bigger byte!

Dyne Software Representative Client List for Pizza and Home Delivery business Restaurant

How Dyne software modules can help Pizzerias and Home Delivery business

Pizza chains and home delivery outlets can use the Dyne modules below to streamline their operation. Be sure to contact us for a detailed demo to know all the details!

Dyne:CC POS for cake shops, bakeries, ice cream parlours

Dyne:CC - Cashier Counter (POS)

  • Dyne POS is easy enough for even unskilled staff to learn the basics in a few minutes
  • Dyne POS can work on compact hardware which takes up very little space
  • Dyne POs support menu items like pizza with toppings based pricing
  • Customer details are recorded and printed on each order
  • Complete order tracking system from acceptance to payment
  • Comprehensive delivery boy analysis to fine tune delivery logistics
  • Dyne supports separate rates for each item for dine-in or delivery order
  • Dyne POS supports touch screen as well as keyboard-only operation for maximum flexiblity
  • Easily incorporate sales promotion schemes in the menu

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Dyne:CR Client Relationship Management for for cafes

Dyne:CR - Client Relationship (CRM)

  • Send greeting cards, emails and sms to clients on their special days
  • Notify clients of ongoing specials / promotions
  • Easily identify and reward regular customers with fixed discounts

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Dyne:SM Material Management software for cafes

Dyne:SM - Store Management (MMS)

  • Maintain inventories for food and non-food items
  • Deduct inventory against sale in real time
  • Manage Central Kitchen and Central Store
  • Keep wastages in check
  • Know your cost of production
  • Know suppliers outstandings in a flash

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Other useful Dyne modules

Dyne:CK - Manage central kitchen, central procurement and food processing for your pizza chain using Dyne Central Kitchen Management software.

Dyne Kitchen Display System - Lets chefs look at orders onscreen and dynamically track delivery timelines.