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Cake Shop and Bakery management software - Dyne

Dyne software enables efficient management of cake shops, bakeries, ice cream parlours and juice bars.

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How Dyne software modules can help Cake Shops and Bakeries

Here's how cake shop and bakery owners can use various modules of Dyne to manage thier business and bring efficiency to their operations.

Dyne:CC POS for cake shops, bakeries, ice cream parlours

Dyne:CC Cashier Counter (POS)

  • Take advance cake orders for birthdays, weddings and anniversaries
  • Get daily production report
  • Register clients with full contact details
  • Manage cake deliveries and payment efficiently
  • Dyne supports billing with toppings

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Dyne:CR Client Relationship Management for for cake shops, bakeries, ice cream parlours

Dyne:CR - Client Relationship (CRM)

  • Send greeting cards, emails and sms to clients on their special days
  • Notify clients of ongoing specials / promotions
  • View clients order history
  • Run loyalty programs

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Dyne:SM Material Management software for cake shops, bakeries

Dyne:SM - Store Management (MMS)

  • Maintain inventories for expensive chocolate and other ingredients
  • Keep wastages in check
  • Know your cost of production
  • Know suppliers outstandings in a flash
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Other useful Dyne modules

Dyne Kitchen Display System - Manage central kitchen, central procurement and food processing for your cafe chain using Dyne Central Kitchen Management software.

Dyne:CK - Lets chefs look at orders onscreen and dynamically track delivery timelines.