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Cafe Billing and Inventory Management Software / Deli Software - Dyne:CC

Cafe owners face a business environment with unique challenges. The tight rope balance between providing the right quality, pricing and ambience, managing with minimal staff and carving a unique identity for one's brand in a crowded market.

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Cafes, as most F&B businesses, are most profitable when operated in a chain of outlets. However, growth brings it's own challenges. Dyne helps cafe chains achieve a central view of all operations, control costs and delight customers.

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How Dyne software modules can help Cafes

Here's how cafe owners can use various modules of Dyne to manage thier business and bring efficiency to their operations.

Dyne:CC POS for restaurants

Dyne:CC Cashier Counter (POS)

  • Dyne POS is easy enough for casual staff to pick up within a few minutes
  • Dyne POS can work on compact hardware which takes up very little space
  • Add wireless ordering options to manage the cafe with minimal staff
  • Automatically receive reports from all outlets on day close
  • Extensive security features

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Dyne:CR Client Relationship Management for restaurants

Dyne:CR - Client Relationship (CRM)

  • Capture and analyse client feedback.
  • Send greeting cards, emails and sms to clients on their special days
  • Notify clients of ongoing specials / promotions
  • View clients order history
  • Run membership / loyalty programs

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Dyne:SM Material Management for restaurants

Dyne:SM - Store Management (MMS)

  • Maintain inventories for food and non-food items
  • Deduct inventory against sale in real time
  • Manage Central Kitchen and Central Store
  • Keep wastages in check
  • Know your cost of production
  • Know suppliers outstandings in a flash

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Other useful Dyne modules

Dyne:CK - Manage central kitchen, central procurement and food processing for your cafe chain using Dyne Central Kitchen Management software.