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Dytel has over 25 years of experience in restaurant software implementations and networking solutions

Dyne - The Complete Restaurant Software

Dyne is the most secure, reliable, flexible and trouble free POS software available for the restaurant industry. The Dyne clientele is vast and covers all food and beverage service models like fine dine, quick service restaurants, cafes, cake shops, cafeteria, food courts, lounge, night clubs and gymkhanas. Dyne software modules encompass all food & beverage operational processes at every scale from standalone to large franchise chain.

Dyne gives your business a bigger byte!

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Dyne Features and Benefits

Secure - Dyne has fine grained multi level security controlling each sensitive software action. All critical events are recorded for later audit.

Flexible - Dyne is flexible enough to run on various hardware platforms - touch screen based POS or desktop PC, thin clients and PDAs.

Reliable - Dyne easily juggles as many as 10,000 KOTs per day on a single POS station without missing a beat. It's reliablity is matured over 20+ years of on field usage and feedback.

Easy to learn - Easy to use - Dyne does not require computer savvy staff for operation. The user friendly interface design ensures that even semi literate staff will learn to operate Dyne restaurant software effectively within a couple of days.

Available - Dyne sales and support is available in every major Indian city.

Affordable - We have a budget friendly and economically priced Dyne edition suitable for every scale of operation. So whether you own a standalone cafe or a fine dining chain, be sure to contact us for a demo.

Modular - Our modular approach ensures that restaurant owners only pay for what they need and add functionality as business demands grow.

Turnkey - Our offer of executing restaurant projects on a turnkey basis is our way of ensuring that our clients can concenterate totally on their core business of serving up great culinary experiences while leaving the techno nitty gritty to the experts.

Why select Dyne?

Market Leader - Dyne has been and remains the pioneering market leader since over 25 years for technology development for food service sector.

Complete solution provider - Dyne is the only F&B focussed software vendor. We provide all the components of the solution from POS, MMS, CRM to Kitchen Display Systems, Wireless ordering and much more.

State of the Art Technology - Our continuous innovation process ensures that only the most practical and state of the art solutions make it out of our development centres.

Personalised Approach - Each restaurant wants to differentiate itself from the competition and become unique. We are more than willing to listen to their unique demands and the flexible Dyne architecture makes it a breeze to incorporate custom functionality into the base Dyne product.

Longevity - Dytel Technology Group has thrived through multiple technology and market cycles and we continue our march onwards.

We grow with you - The Dyne range of modular restaurant software allows small restaurant owners to begin with basic functionality and add modules as the business grows. Dyne modules will keep pace with the added demands of your growing F&B business while letting you spead out the expenditure comfortably.