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Client Relationship Management Software for Restaurants

Make your guests feel special on each visit. Inform guests of new menu introductions, invite them on their special occasions, ensure that when you have a wine festival, the world knows about it.

Dyne:CR empowers your restaurant chain to identify, delight and reward regulars easily. Run successful loyalty programmes that keep your customers coming back. A happy customer is the best advertisement, so what are you waiting for, start your campaign today with the only tool you'll ever need to promote your restaurant !

Dyne gives your business a bigger byte!

Dyne:CR Highlights

  • Capture customers name and complete contact details
  • Capture and analyse customer feedback
  • Capture customer birthday / anniversary and other important occasions
  • Store customer photos
  • Manage memberships
  • View Order History
  • Categorise clients and allocate automated discounts
  • Issue targetted communications via email, postal mail or SMS.
  • Automatic integration with Home Delivery customer database
  • Add custom fields
  • Run loyalty programs (requires separate addon)

Dyne:CRM Client Relationship Module benefits

  • Keep your customers informed about upcoming events and festivals organised at your restaurant
  • Invite your customers on their special day
  • Keep track of what your customers are asking for from the feedback analysis
  • Know your regular customers up close and personally
  • Review order history to know customer likes / dislikes
  • Communicate using all mediums - you never know what your customer is listening to
  • Keep customers hooked with loyalty programs

Dyne addons enhance the functionality of the base Dyne:CRM software.

Loyalty Program Addon

Run successful loyalty programs to reward regular customer and keep them coming back. Point based or discount based, let us know how you want your layalty campaign configured and we will be happy to help you see it to fruitition.

Head Office CRM

For those in charge of a chain of restaurants, move up from standalone CRM. Consolidate customer data from all your outlets, communicate centrally to achieve standardisation in layout and form. Run centralised cross-outlet loyalty programmes.