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DyneCC - The Complete Restaurant POS Software

Dyne:CC is the complete billing solution for restaurants. It is the most full featured POS software for fine dine, cafes, home delivery, food courts and any kind of business which delivers food and entertainment.

See Dyne in action

Dyne:CC based POS solutions are available on desktops, touch POS hardware as well as Wireless tablet devices.

Dyne gives your business a bigger byte!

Dyne:CC Highlights

  • 1500+ successful installations
  • 25+ years of continuous product evolution
  • Extensively used across all F&B segments
  • Installation and support available across all Indian cities and abroad
  • Tested upto 100,000 individual orders per day
  • Turnkey installation available

Dyne Features

  • Supports keyboard based and touch based operations
  • Replicates floor plan layout on screen
  • Home delivery operations with customer base
  • Supports take away and over the counter sale operation
  • Open tab orders for lounge bar operation
  • Remote KOT printing to multiple kitchens and bar
  • Supports item toppings and modifiers
  • Enter instructions to chef when ordering
  • Multiple rates per item for AC / non AC section / delivery
  • Itemised and bill level discounting
  • Multiple settlement modes
  • Bill Spliting supported
  • User definable tax and service charges
  • More than 40 detailed sales analysis reports
  • Each feature / option / report within Dyne:CC can be secured for access
  • Fully audited complimentary and discounted sale
  • Imprest Money accounting

Dyne:CC Addons

Dyne addons enhance the functionality of the base Dyne:CC software.

Remote Reporter

Be in touch with your restaurant sales even while travelling! Dyne Remote Reporter automatically mails you a set of key reports at day close, so you are always aware of each outlets perfomance.

Wireless POS

Take customer responsiveness to the next level with Wifi Ordering in your restaurant. Dyne:WIFI allows you to reduce manpower on the floor and captains can continue to be present for the customers benefit after placement of order.

Kitchen Display System (KDS)

Eliminate delayed orders! Dyne KDS displays KOTs onscreen in the kitchen with indicators for late-running and on-schedule orders. Chef can mark the dispatch of finished orders.

Cashless POS

Food courts, Cafeteria and night clubs can avoid the hassle of cash management at every transaction by choosing the Dyne Cashless Addon (also known as Dyne:DC Debit Card Addon).

Clients buy one prepaid card which pays for all their orders. Clients can recharge the cards when needed and optionally get refunds on unspent amounts.

Simple, secure cash management for the most demanding situations.

Tally accounts integration

Sales / billing data from Dyne:CC can be imported into the widely used Tally accounts software easily using the Dyne Tally integration addon. Eliminate mistakes and save time while entering POS sales records into your accounts system. Combine this addon with the Remote Reporter addon and you can get sales data from all your outlets into your Head Office Tally installation everyday in a jiffy!

Dyne:CC Hardware Compatibility List

Dyne:CC works with

  • Touch screen POS systems of all major brands like IBM, NEC, EPSON
  • Regular desktop PC systems
  • Thermal and Dot Matrix Printers from EPSON and all other brands
  • Magnetic Swipe Card Readers
  • Barcode Scanners
  • Electronic Cash Drawers
  • Customer Pole Display