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Remote Reporter for Dyne:CC

Dyne Remote Reporter frees restaurant owners from the need to be present at the outlet.

Dyne:RR automatically emails you a selectable set of Dyne:CC POS reports from your restaurant at day close.

Dyne reports can be viewed on your mobile or laptop and are usually received within 5 minutes of close of day. So whether you're a standalone restaurant owner wanting to take a stress-free vacation or a restaurant chain owner keep track of all your business easily.

Dyne also offers a live sales monitoring on mobile!

Dyne gives your business a bigger byte!

Dyne:RR Remote Reporter Highlights

  • Reports are sent instantly on day close
  • No operator intervention required! Totally automated process.
  • User selectable set of reports
  • Reports can be sent to multiple partners or to head office email account
  • Restaurant reports can be viewed on mobiles or computer / laptop.