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Dytel has over 25 years of experience in restaurant software implementations and networking solutions

Restaurant Inventory Management Software

Minimize perishable inventory costs with Dyne Material Management solution for restaurants and food industry. Dyne takes the pain out of managing a perishable food and liquor inventory. Track your liquor stocks, minimize wastage and manage vendors efficiently with our industry leading solution.

As you needs grow, Dyne helps you with menu engineering with fine grained recipe costing that support semi finished goods like gravies and sauces.

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Dyne:SM Highlights

  • 1500+ successful installations
  • 25+ years of continuous product evolution
  • Extensively used across all F&B segments
  • Installation and support available across all Indian cities and abroad
  • Turnkey installation available

Dyne Material Management Features

  • Multiware house support
  • Flexible units of measurement
  • Vendor Management
  • Rate Contracts
  • Purchase Order and Daily Bazaar
  • Support for food and non-food items
  • Easy Physical Stock taking
  • Granular security over each store operation
  • Easy to learn and operate
  • More than 30 detailed inventory analysis reports
  • Each feature / option / report can be secured for access
  • Integration with POS for Real time inventory deduction
  • Perform Food Costing and Recipe Management

Dyne:SM Addons

Dyne addons enhance the functionality of the base Dyne:SM software.

Recipe Management and Food Costing

Know exactly what each of your menu item is costing you. Performa variance analysis on material consumption. Get profitablity reports by using the Recipe Management and Food Costing addon