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Food Costing Software Addon - Dyne:FC

Dyne:FC adds food costing, recipe per portion cost control and menu engineering to the inventory management features of the base Dyne:SM module. Food costing helps you determine the most profitable menu mix for your business.

Don't let uncontrolled food cost eat into your profits. Take charge today with the Dyne Food Costing software.

Dyne gives your business a bigger byte!

Dyne:FC Highlights

  • Store ingredient definition for finished and and semi finished material like gravies and sauces
  • Ingredient definitions can be entered in the usual production quantity
  • Provision to use same gravy / sauce defnition in multiple finished menu items
  • Real time updated per-portion food cost
  • Variance report on calculated vs actual material consumption
  • Real time deduction of stocks against sale possible if desired