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Dytel Representative Client List

We are proud to have client relationships which go back more than two decades. Presenting a representative list of clients whom we have had the privilege of serving over the years.

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Clients in non F&B Sectors

Dalal Engineering

Dalal Engineering are leaders in manufacture of chemical and textile machinery. Dytel has been offering consultancy, network support and hosting services since 1987.

Knight Frank India

Knight Frank is a globally renowned real estate and facilities management company having presence in more than 30 countries and 5 Indian cities. Knight Frank India has been availing of Dytels IT consultancy and support services since their arrival in India in 1995. Dytel also commissioned the project for integration of all Knight Frank India's branches into the Global Knihgt Frank network. More about the project in this case study. View testimonial here.

Darashaw & Company

Darashaw is amongst the oldest, continuously managed broking and investment-banking houses in India. Dytel has been providing network setup, facilities management, hosting and Spamnix services to Darashaw since 1987.

Reliance Industries Ltd.

The premier business house of the country has been benefiting from Dytel’s turnkey solutions since 1997. The eTHMS system developed by Dytel has integrated the workflow from reservation to checkout and MIS for RILs 20+ transit houses.


Dytel has been instrumental in setting up their web site (www.tarladalal.com) in 1997. This site is the largest web site worldwide for Indian cookery with 500,000+ registered users. Fully eCommerce enabled, it is one of the few success stories of the dot com era. Tarla Dalal Foods is a Dytel client since 1989. Dytel is providing network support, web site development and maintenance and backend processes (inventory, logistics, invoicing) software services.

Kangaroo Kids Education Ltd.

Kangaroo Kids Education Ltd is one of India's premier pre school chains, established in 1993 and having over 40 branches in 15+ cities. KKEL has benefitted from Dytel's software solutions, network support, hosting solutions and maintenance services to its branches in Mumbai.


EECI is one of India largest manufactueres of textile equipment and non destructive testing equipment. Dytel has been offering EECI IT consultancy, IT security, network setup, hosting and support services across multiple branches. Dytel has been part of the core team of EECI's ERP inplementation effort. EECI is a Dytel client since 2005.

Chokshi and Chokshi

One of India's foremost Chartered Accountants are a Dytel client since 1988. Chokshi & Chokshi outsource their complete IT infrasturcture needs to Dytel. This includes their complete network setup, facilities management and hosting requirements.

KRCD India Pvt. Ltd.

KRCD India Pvt. Ltd. is the foremost manufacuturer of CDs & DVDs to most well known names in the Entertainment Industry and Technology Industries in India. Dytel has developed a web based Production Planning System for their manufacturing process called PRISM. The software helps schedule competing orders from clients on the CD / DVD Maker machine and minimise slack time while ensuring that orders are delivered within deadline. KRCD also hosts their domain on Dytel's servers.

Sealand Container Lines

The freight forwarding, transportation & logistics company is utilising Dytel’s facilities management services, hosting and Spamnix spam control service since 2007.

Seychelles International Business Authority

Dytel has conducted an indepth review of the entire network infrastructure, IT policies and procedures for Seychelles Internation Business Authority. A roadmap to enable SIBA to comply with the stringent security requirements demanded by their business commitments was also chalked out by Dytel. The assignment was in collaboration with Chokshi and Chokshi.

New World iCare

New World iCare Pvt. Ltd. is a chain of world class Lasik eye surgery centers across India. Dytel has been offering NWIC network setup, consultancy, network support, website design and hosting services since 2007.