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Restaurant eFeedback - Dyne Digital Feedback Management System for Restaurants

The Dyne feedback management system lets restaurant owners effortlessly and unobtrusively collect experience feedback from customers.

The feedback form is fully aligned with the restaurants branding and customized to be as minimal or detailed as needed.

The Dyne Digital feedback management service is designed to let restaurants understand their clients mindset, capture customer details, identify strengths and weaknesses and act on situations before they get out of hand.

The feedback management is fully digital enhancing the customer experience at a minimal cost to the restaurant.

Don’t work blind, gain insights today with Dyne Digital Feedback management system.

Gain insights today with Dyne Digital Feedback management system

Dyne Feedback Features

  • Send a customized and fully branded digital feedback form to customer on completion of meal.
  • Distinct feedback options for dine-in and delivery for same outlet
  • Feedback can be sent to customers smartphone or presented to customer on premise via a tablet
  • All feedback parameters and options configurable
  • Accept feedback as rating
  • Open comment fields possible
  • Instant Email / SMS to Managers on feedback
  • Feedback graphical analytics to determine trends
  • Excel download of all customer details and feedback provided.
  • Integrated with Dyne POS so that each feedback is associated with a POS transaction.

Dyne Feedback Benefits

  • Capture customer contact details
  • Know what customer love about your establishment
  • Identify weak links in the customer experience and act on them
  • Get instant alert on negative feedback
  • Analytics help you to establish long term CRM goals and check if they are being met.
digital feedback link to invoice screen for captains
Dynedigital feedback customers screen