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Contracted Meal Delivery Systems Software

If delivering timely meals on a contract to your customers is your business, then look no further than Dyne Contracted Meal Delivery Management Software.

See Dyne in action

This software, based on the industry leading Dyne software for F&B businesses, allows the meal operator to register clients, define weeky menus in advance, record customers order in advance, schedule delivery boys and manage payments.

Keep your customers happy with fresh food delivered timely and with a smile. Leave the hardwork to Dyne.

Dyne gives your business a bigger byte!

Dyne Contracted Meal Delivery Management Software Highlights

  • Register client with complete delivery address
  • Define weekly menus in advance
  • Allocate delivery boys area-wise
  • Record customer orders in advance
  • Generate daily order lists and manage production
  • Manage customer ledgers with advance or on-delivery payments
  • Generate stick on delivery labels for outbound meal packets