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Prepaid POS Card addon for restaurants and night clubs

Eliminate complex cash management in your pub, night club, lounge. Keep barternders free from cumbersome cash transaction at the bar.

Using the Dyne:DC prepaid POS card solution, your customers obtain a rechargeable card with a spendable balance at the entrance. To place orders such as for a drink, the customer hands over the card to the bartender who swipes it, places the order and serves the drink.

The spendable balance on the card is automatically and instantly deducted. The customer can continue to use the card till there is balance on it and later recharge it if necessary.

Cash handling is limited to the card recharge counters only! The system is ideal for food courts to eliminate cash while transacting on each counter. Night clubs can use the system to eliminate difficult-to-track cash transactions on the bar counters.

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Dyne:DC Prepaid POS Card Highlights

  • Limits cash transaction in a multi POS environment to only one counter
  • Customers relieved from managing loose change on each order
  • Card usage validity can be configured
  • Card balance refund policy can be configured
  • Card deposit value can be configured to cover for cards lost by customer
  • Detailed card sale vs usage reports available
  • Turnkey installation available

Dyne:DC Preapid POS Card Addon Benefits

  • Ensure auditable cash management in the most complex of environments
  • Maximise customer satisfaction
  • Collect your payments upfront!
  • Minimise pilferage loss